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Upcoming sim racing activity

For the upcoming Wednesday Pifive will race with Last & Luxurious gang in the Porsche Cup series using Automobilista2. There will be 2 rounds. First at the Hockenheim ring and then at the Nurburgring. You can follow the action live via

J Leno is getting ready for the season finale at SimRacing Hub 2021 Formula 1 championship. Using rFactor2 Abu Dhabi.

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F1E is Back!

After our operations stopped back in 2016 due to several reasons. We are now slowly turning around into a full comeback. Some of us have been busy racing in other leagues out there. We still very active in Facebook. We are working in transforming the site after so many years hosting Formula 1 and other categories racing series. We took a break but now we are gonna carry the brand to another level. WE ARE BACK!.

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