Mackey inches closer to the crown with another dominant performance.

CK Mackey wont a very contested German Grand prix. 2015 champion Mukky did a great effort to beat Mackey but at the end was not enough. We have a big break now till Spa Francorchamps. Check forums for full results More »

Cory wins Hungaroring GP!

What a fantastic event was at the Hungaroring. Mackey inches closer to the crown after another win in the series. Mukky arrived in second place after giving it all then followed by Roberto Scime in third! Cya in 1 week for the German GP More »

Two in a row for C Mackey

A dominant performance by Cory Mackey winning from pole in the British Gp. Josh Endo finished in 2nd followed by David Carney. More information about this event in the forum. More »

Cory Mackey returns to Victory

After the absence from the European GP with some medical issues Cory Mackey returns to victory lane after a tense battle with Mukky at RedBull ring. Check the link for results and comments. More »

Mukky Wins Euro GP

A low attendance at Rnd 8 of SRA16 contested in Valencia. Mukky won the event followed by Glen Thomas in 2nd and Josh Endo in 3rd. More »


SRA16 Rnd 14 – Italian Grand Prix Sept. 4


SRA16 Rnd 14 – Italian Grand Prix Preview

SRA16 Rnd 13 – Belgian Grand Prix Tonight !


SRA16 Rnd 13 – Belgian Grand Prix Preview

Track for tonight event HERE

SRA16 Rnd 12 – German Grand Prix July 31


SRA16 Rnd 12 – German Grand Prix Preview

SRA16 Rnd 10 – Great Britain Grand Prix July 10


This coming weekend its on at Silverstone.

SRA16 – Rnd 10 Preview

SRA16 Round 7 – Canada replay

SRA16 Rnd 7 – Canadian Grand Prix Tonight


Rnd 7 – Canadian Grand Prix Preview

SRA16 Round 6 – Monaco replay

SRA16 Round 5 – Spain Replay

SRA16 Rnd 5 – Spanish Grand Prix May 15


SRA16 is in action this weekend with the Spanish Grand Prix. All the times are now back in Europe so they will be bringing updated cars and parts for their machines. The competition is only gonna get tougher from now on.

53 Laps.

Current Testing Times.



SRA16 Round 4 Russia Replay


Check the Replay of the Rnd 4 – Russian Grand Prix. – Relive the Action !